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5 To Do’s That Will Make Your New House Feel a Little More Like Yours


Moving into a new house can be hectic. Learning the ins and outs and making the new house into your home can be a challenge. You may feel lost in a sea of boxes and furniture but I assure you these steps will help make you sleep better at night. This new building is now your space, so these to do’s are the best way of customizing it to your own liking.



Security is your first concern. You just moved all of your precious, valuable and expensive items into this new home of yours. Lets keep them safe by purchasing new locks that only you have access to. With the current waves of technology, I would even recommend a new security system. They have ones that you can monitor online and allow you to control your thermostat and video monitor your property. Needless to say the better the security, the safer the family!



This may seem a little extra, but you really never know what kinds of germs build up on these seats. For a few bucks, a new seat can ensure your thrown is cleaned and ready for you and your family. We all love to feel comfortable and clean in the bathroom, changing out your seats will allow you to have that sense of comfort and belonging.



This task will only take a few minutes and will even help you save money. US Department of Energy says that replacing your dirty air filter with a new one can lower your A/C’s energy consumption by 5-10%. Changing your air filter is quick and easy. Doing so will help improve the function of your air conditioning and furnace units. By helping improve the air quality you can keep those allergies away. I would recommend writing the date you changed the filter on the side and adding a note to change it in your calendar three months from then. Your next step is to test out the batteries in all of your smoke alarms and monoxide detectors. After a house is left vacant, the batteries can become tampered or die. Changing these will ensure healthy clean air for you to live within.


Customizing a part of your house will inspire you to keep creating a space you love. Lets say you chose your front door, this task is super easy and will show your neighbors that you have arrived and are investing in your home. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment you will give yourself whenever you enter your new home. You have the ability to show off your innovation, creativity and style to all your friends and family. Putting some work into your home will help make it feel more like yours.





One of first things people notice when they walk into your house is the smell. One of the main things that makes other people feel at someone else’s house. Make your home even more perfect by choosing a scent that you love to smell. Check out a candle’s or the air freshener’s that you can put throughout your house. One thing I would recommend is getting the carpets cleaned before fully moving in. Doing this will help prevent allergies and remove dirt and stains.



CONGRATS! You have just made this new house a little more homey. Its incredible what a few changes around the place will do to make it feel more like yours. Customizing it to your own liking is the best part of home ownership.


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