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7 Top Winter Home Selling Tips That Buyers Love

Real estate transactions are the most significant deals individuals can make as they are often in the six-
or seven-figure dollar range. Because of this, buyers need to ensure that they are doing everything
possible to avoid leaving money on the table.

Selling your home doesn’t happen overnight, and in order to be successful, homeowners need to take a
strategic approach to make their property stand apart from the competition. This requires you to
understand the dynamics of the real estate market in your region and then using that to inform your
next steps when preparing your home for sale.

It’s important to note that residential real estate trends are seasonal, and sales techniques that work in
the summer won’t work in the winter, and vice versa. In fact, winter is when the real estate market
slows down the most due to cold weather, difficult driving conditions, storms, and a general desire by
prospective buyers to stay indoors.

Still, those points shouldn’t keep you from listing your property with confidence. By understanding the
needs of your prospective buyers, you can create a buying experience that they’ll enjoy. Below are
several tips you can use to thrive during winter.

Winterize your water pipes: Leaking or burst pipes are one of the worst things a homeowner
can face when their home is on the market. If you anticipate being away from your property for
an extended period of time, shut off the water at the source, and open all faucets to allow the
pipes to drain.

Shovel the driveway, walkway and front step: To prevent visitors from slipping on your
property, pour salt on ice that’s on walking paths, especially patches located on hills.

Turn up the heat for a warm and toasty showing experience: Keeping your home at moderate
temperature causes guests to focus on the beauty and aesthetics, as opposed to focusing on
potential flaws such as a lack of proper insulation.

Market your home to sell: Hire a professional photographer to photograph your space.
Although these services have an upfront cost, the service pays for itself through increased visitor

Inspect your attic insulation and ventilation: Before you list your home, inspect the insulation
in your attic to ensure heat isn’t being lost. When properly installed, insulation should be at a
level such that you can’t see the attic joists beneath it.

Stick to a neutral style in your decorations: Since everyone has their own holiday and décor
preferences, avoid leaving up items that have intense religious connotations.

Make space for buyers to hang wet coats and place their shoes: As rain and snow make for
messy outdoor conditions, a boot tray is a great investment to protect the floors in your home.

If you’re thinking of selling your home during a different period of the year, then check out this article
on seasonal home selling tips along with the video below:


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