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Author Archives: Josh Mente

    How to Give Back in Baltimore

    By Josh Mente | April 11, 2019

    How to Give Back in Baltimore   Our city has done so much for us. Great sport teams, amazing local restaurants, cool people. If you’re like me, you might feel compelled to take some time to give back every once in a while. Whether you have a favorite local charity you make donations to, or... Read More

    10 Best Cocktail Bars in Baltimore

    By Josh Mente | April 8, 2019

    Everyone knows that there is nothing like a good cocktail bar to take the edge off of a hard work week. Here in Baltimore, we’re lucky enough to have more than our fair share of great spots to do just that. There are a few things that make a good cocktail bar. A good atmosphere,... Read More

    Local Spotlight: B&O Railroad Museum

    By Josh Mente | March 16, 2019

    Local Spotlight: B&O Railroad Museum     The greatest thing about where we live is how much there is to do and see. As we all sit and wait patiently (or not so patiently) for the better weather to arrive, sometimes the best thing to do is to meander over to some of our local... Read More

    Hampden: Then and Now

    By Josh Mente | March 7, 2019

    Hampden is often thought of as being a “village in a city.” Meaning, you have the sense of community within the conveniences of a city. Great food, amazing art scene, fantastic people. Big ideas with a small town vibe. While Hampden has always had that warm community feel, the modernization that has occurred over the... Read More

    How to Know When You Are Ready to Sell Your Home

    By Josh Mente | January 30, 2019

    Deciding to sell your home is a big decision, which is why a lot of homeowners will sit on the fence about it. Most hesitant homeowners simply aren’t sure if they are ready or not, whether that’s financially or emotionally. There are a lot of factors in play, such as where they’ll live next and... Read More

    5 Important Steps to Take When Buying a Flipped Home

    By Josh Mente | January 17, 2019

    Buying a home can feel risky. Buying a newly flipped home can feel even riskier. That is why it’s so important to take some extra steps before you buy that shiny new flipped home. “Flippers” will buy a property that needs repair, fix it up, and then turn around and sell it for a profit.... Read More

    8 Reasons to Sell Your House This Winter

    By Josh Mente | January 4, 2019

    Generally, when you think about the best time of year to sell a home you think of the springtime. The weather is becoming nice, the sun is shining, and people are going outside more. It makes sense. But did you know that selling your home during the winter could actually be better? That’s right. Many... Read More

    How to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

    By Josh Mente | December 10, 2018

    Every year, millions of Americans flee their homes to travel for the holidays. Some will leave their house for a few hours, some a few days, and some a few weeks. While packing, cooking, and wrapping may top your to-do list, don’t forget about securing your home before you go. The main thing to be... Read More

    Best Tips for Decorating Your Home This Season: Part 2

    By Josh Mente | November 29, 2018

    Last time, we went over the best tips for decorating your home on the outside. Now, we’re walking in through that wreath-adorned door and breaking out the garland. There’s just something about festive decorations that makes you smile every time you walk in that door. So whether you’re decorating your forever home, or trying to... Read More

    Best Tips for Decorating Your Home This Season

    By Josh Mente | November 12, 2018

    As we place our pumpkins out at the curb and start digging out the old holiday decoration bins, homeowners near and far will begin to deck the halls. Even though our turkeys have yet to hit the table yet, we think it’s fair to start gearing up for your holiday décor now. In this two-part... Read More