Do Open Houses Really Sell Homes?

    Real Estate For Sale SignHaving an open house isn’t the easiest thing in the world. That goes for the homeowners and the real estate agent. There’s cleaning to do, clutter to hide, balloons to put up – never mind the actual day-of headache that’s involved. So when it comes down to it, do open houses really sell homes?

    The annoying answer is: yes and no.

    Yes, open houses can sell homes, but only if you have all the right pieces in place.


    Have an open house in the spring time.

    Winter means hibernation mode. No one likes to move in the heat of the summer. That makes springtime the best time to sell a house. More people are stretching their legs and looking to buy.


    Have it on a Sunday.

    Weekdays are workdays. Saturdays are jam packed. Sundays are perfect. It’s a more relaxed and casual day where people can load up the car and take a tour of their potential new neighborhood. Just be sure to avoid big Sundays (ehem Super Bowl).


    Have it quickly!

    It’s also best to only have an open house when you’ve JUST listed your home online. Typically, only the less desirable homes are still on the market a week after they are posted online. This means that your open house is less powerful.


    Have it well advertised.

    This is something you need to discuss with your real estate agent. How much advertising will be done for the open house? In order for open houses to be effective, they have to be sufficiently advertised. This goes for both online and with yard signs at major intersections as well as in front of the house.

    If you’ve got these four components down, then you’re in pretty good shape for your open house. However, there are a few other things you want to consider.

    For instance, are you comfortable with strangers in your home? Sure, selling a house means you have to invite people in but do you really want to allow endless amounts of strangers in? Especially considering the fact that a good portion of them are just being nosey?

    Finally, keep in mind that the biggest advantage of an open house is for your real estate agent, something most every agent will deny. Real estate agents tend to talk up open houses so you believe they are necessary. The truth is, unless the cards are lined up perfectly, chances are a buyer isn’t going to swing by your house on a Sunday, realize it’s perfect, and make an offer on the spot.

    So while you should keep an open mind about open houses, don’t feel so bad if you’ve decided you’re not about it.





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