The Kitchen Trend That Won’t Go Out of Style

    We all know that when it comes to real estate, money is made in the kitchen. So it makes sense to create a kitchen that will not only add value, but stand the test of time to keep that value.

    bc9584258_1 If you’re looking to buy, or remodel what you have, it will serve you well to look for white kitchens. We’ve seen the modern look of dark wood and the recently trendy look of grey, but in the kitchen, white remains the ultimate classic. Here’s why:

    It’s clean.

    Did you know that in the 1920s and ‘30s, white was about the only color offered by manufacturers? White is associated with sanitation and health, and at a time when a worldwide flu epidemic was on everyone’s mind, household cleanliness became a top priority. For those of you out there deathly afraid of a white kitchen, relax. This isn’t like a white couch you’re cringing at the thought of spilling on. White is actually easier to keep clean because you’re able to spot the spills and crumbs right away.

    It’s fresh.

    Along with having the clean appearance, white gives you that crisp and fresh feeling. As the brightest color, it reflects light and makes even small kitchens feel spacious. When it comes time to sell a home you’ll be happy to find that white kitchens even photograph better. It’s hard to capture the light in a dark looking kitchen, after all.

    It’s simple.  ba9832543_9_0

    White truly is the ultimate neutral. Every color looks great paired with white. Light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and tile accents can really be your star with the white backdrop. This means that you can still add a trendy touch without risking the value of your kitchen. White also makes a great partner for any countertop you choose.

    Most of all, it’s classic.

    White kitchens first began to appear in the Victorian period, and really, they’ve never left. Materials such as porcelain and milk-based paints were readily available back then. So while they began as a functional classic, they’ve certainly taken on a stylistic role as well. The classic look can now transition from decade to decade while keeping its fresh look. If you walk into an oak kitchen from the 90s, you know it’s from the 90s. If you walk into a white kitchen from the 90s (if tastefully done) you probably couldn’t date it. The crisp, clean, and simple feel is what makes this such an automatic classic.

    As you can see, there are many reasons why the white kitchen “trend” is on every designer blog and aspiring homeowner’s Pinterest page. White is the perfect background for any style, color, or decade. So when it comes time to design your kitchen, don’t be afraid of this timeless beauty.



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