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Why Growing Up in Greater Baltimore is SO Great

Look around Charm City and you’ll find that many park benches say we are the ‘The Greatest City in America.’ Have you ever sat down on one and wondered why? What makes living here so great? Is it that there’s so much to experience? Is it the interesting people? Is it the ever-changing weather? baltimore

Yes, yes, yes…and then some!

If you’ve grown up in Greater Baltimore, consider yourself lucky. And if you’re raising kids here, good for you! Our little pocket of this country is chock full of reasons that it is the greatest city in America. I’m sure you can come up with a few on your own, but here are 5 great reasons why growing up in Baltimore is so great.

#1 We Get All Four Seasons

The Greater Baltimore area is lucky to have all four seasons come in to play throughout the year. Whether or not you love or hate the winter, you’ve got to love that first time waking up to a white blanket across the city. And growing up with snow days? Unbeatable. Ask any kid that grew up in a warmer climate if they wish they had snow days and you’ll get a resounding “YES!”

And you’ll be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t love watching the leaves change in the fall. Growing up and running through the leaf piles that your dad just spent an hour making? Come on, how can you beat that? Can you go get pumpkins anywhere in the country? Sure. But can you really imagine picking a pumpkin out of a hot field in 85-degree weather? It’s just not the same.

Sure, many warm climate states have spring and summer, but they don’t appreciate those seasons like us here in Baltimore. We’ve looked forward to that warm weather all winter long so we appreciate that first warm day like no other! That feeling as a kid being able to play outside without a jacket for the first time in months? Priceless.

Do we get tired of certain seasons? (Looking at you hot summer and winters overstaying their welcome.) Of course. But looking forward to the next season is what makes life so great. Living with that delicate balance is unlike anything else and it’s something all kids are lucky to have.

#2 You Can Take the Coolest Field Trips

Where you live can make or break field trip time in school. If you live in a boring area you’re going to take boring field trips. In Baltimore, we’re lucky to be close to a whole myriad of places to explore and learn. Trips can go from the seashore (Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean) to the mountains (the Appalachians) to the urban areas (Baltimore and DC). Some of the popular spots include:

  • The Baltimore Museum of Art
  • The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
  • The National Aquarium
  • Maryland Science Center
  • The USS Constellation
  • Fort McHenry

#3 You Have AWESOME Sports Teams

Can you imagine living in a city without a professional sports team? If you grew up in Baltimore, you never had to! Growing up in Baltimore typically means you’re automatically into sports. It becomes part of the way you bond with people around you.

You can connect over your love for your team and experience that connection at Camden Yards on a mid-summer night. As a kid you probably remember how excited you were to sing the national anthem and proudly annunciate the “OH” during the line “O, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave.”

You undoubtedly remember the first time you bundled up in deep purple to go cheer on your Ravens in M&T Bank Stadium. The pride runs deep here in Charm City and we’re downright lucky to have it.  

#4 You Develop Maryland Pride

Speaking of pride…we all know Baltimore is a great place to be. So it’s hard not to develop a true sense of pride here. That goes for the city and the state. Look around our community and you’ll find loads of Maryland-pride gear being worn. From Oriole’s hats to Ravens jerseys and every college in between. You may even have a Maryland crab sticker on the back of your car. Having that sense and pride and community can really make for an awesome childhood. Especially when you travel a lot and realize just how great our culture here is.  

#5 If You Grow Up Here, You Want to Stay Here

One of the best things about growing up in Greater Baltimore? You can really put roots down. Baltimore truly has something for everyone. That means you can find yourself in any of the distinct neighborhoods surrounding our great city. The perfect mix of community, culture, weather, and authenticity provides you with the opportunity to buy a home of your own here and raise the next generation. Our city is always improving. That means that as your family grows, so is Baltimore. And what’s not to love about that?

Thinking about raising a family in the Greater Baltimore area? Click here and let us know how we can help you find your perfect home.

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