Why the Fall is a Great Time to Sell Your Home

    Traditionally, you may have heard that the best time of year to sell your home is in the springtime (between March and June). And while this is an excellent time of year to sell, there are many reasons why spring’s mild-weather rival, autumn, is such a great time to do so as well. Both seasons have a very important thing in common: weather that makes people want to get outside and look around.

    A lot of people may go as far as saying that autumn is the new spring. Even though we’ve all been outside for a lot of the summer, there’s something about that crisp fall air that makes you want to put on a light jacket, grab a pumpkin spice something, and walk around outside amongst the changing leaves.

    So far that reason, and many more, you shouldn’t wait until spring to sell your house.

    The Market is Less Crowded

    Because everyone likes to sell in the spring, the fall season tends to have less competition for those trying to find buyers. A lot of sellers will rush to close by September out of fear of dealing with the upcoming holiday season. This creates some powerful leverage for you as many buyers watch their options dwindle.

    You Will Deal with Fewer “Tire Kickers”

    While you’re more likely to get a greater pool of buyers in the spring, the fall will do you a favor by funneling in only your most serious buyers. People looking for a new home in this season aren’t allowed to be as picky due to the lower inventory.

    You Can Stage for the Season

    People love fall décor. Place a nice festive wreath on the front door, some pumpkins on the stoop, maybe even a pumpkin spice candle burning on the counter. The best thing about this particular season is the fact that it represents the very beginning of the holiday season. The holidays are all about the home, right? That makes this season the perfect opportunity to reel in buyers with that warm and cozy feeling. Staging is simply creating an environment the buyer can see themselves living in. There’s just something about that fall season that makes you feel at home. (Just make sure you take care of those leaves in the yard.) Buyers will want to quickly get settled into their new home so they can celebrate the season there.

    You Key in on Different Buyers

    While the fall may not be the best time for a family with school-aged children to move, it is a great time for millennials and empty-nesters to move. Furthermore, to avoid a higher in-season real estate rate, employers who need to relocate their workers often wait for the fall, when the market tends to cool down. Don’t forget, those who are relocating for work tend to need to do so quickly, which could mean a relatively speedy closing for you.

    Bottom line here is, don’t feel like you’ve got to wait around for the next big time to sell. With some smart planning, you can make the fall season the best time of year to sell.

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